The private sector has the highest capacity for impact

Democracy and charity are critical drivers of our world. But the positive impact that they bring is represented best in the achievements of the business world, as evidenced by the fact that many of the most transformative social programs revolve around fostering entrepreneurship.

The private sector has much to learn from government and nonprofits

Businesses need to reimagine their role within the broader ecosystems in which they reside. What responsibility do they bear to their people, their communities, and their customers? How do their responsibilities manifest in their culture and their behavior?

Nonprofits and government have much to learn from the for-profit world

Repurposing business & service models pioneered by the private sector is critical to social innovation. Legacy organizations need to redefine how they fit into the new world instead of attempting to slowly transition themselves piece by piece. It's tough, but it's possible.

That’s why Hack Summit Labs exists

We create programs, initiatives, and movements where we work across sectors to achieve social impact. In doing so, not only do we make the world a better place, we help these organizations infuse more purpose and innovation into their cultures.


Our current focus: culture


Technology has matured quickly.

Culture hasn’t.

If we equip the people reshaping our world to infuse more purpose into their work, the future is sure to be better than the past.