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The little things add up. Every piece of you that’s frustrated with your life is a piece of you that isn’t engaged at work. What if we could transform culture by attacking the little things? What if we could transform the way it feels to be an employee through a series of small, quick steps that decrease frustration bit by bit, make people feel more engaged bit by bit, build trust bit by bit? This is what Culture Hack Summit will explore.

Flashback to Oct. 1, 2017

Refugee Hack Summit happened because I observed 2 pretty obvious problems/needs and thought they could be solved by bringing them together:

  1. Work kinda sucks for a lot of talented people in the business world. People need more purpose at work, and leaders need more opportunities to empower their people to pursue purpose using their professional skills.

  2. Nonprofits have serious problems to solve, but often don’t have the right culture, people, or tools to solve them. They need opportunities to think differently about the way they solve problems.

It happened pretty much to plan. Most people seemed to have the kind of experience we were hoping they would, and our surveys reflected that. And we really did create value for HIAS. We even continued to work with them for a while afterward to do some research and strategy work and presented our work to their executives and local leadership. We’ve been told our research was insightful and some of our work has been adopted. And we’re still taking the project and insights we gained further.

Over the past year, we’ve been getting more and more fixated on culture, which is a social problem, not just a business problem. And after a few months of reading, talking with people and culture leaders from a variety of organizations, and moderating panels with leaders about purpose and culture, the next Hack Summit will be about CULTURE.

Back to today

If you want to dramatically improve a system, a great place to start is by mapping out the things that are frustrating people. Culture Hack Summit is happening because of 2 pretty obvious problems/needs:

  1. Work kinda sucks for a lot of people. The workplace is rife with negative experiences that frustrate them--even as their leaders talk about all they’re doing to improve culture. The real employee experience doesn’t align with how leaders are perceiving it.

  2. HR has serious problems to solve, but often lacks the culture, tools, and people to solve them. They need opportunities to think differently about the way they solve problems.

In late January/early February, we’re going to bring together designers and people leaders both inside and outside of HR in an amazing team-based workshop so we can use design thinking to map out, categorize, and prioritize many of the frustrations employees experience. 

This map will give leaders:

  1. more insight into problems they know they have and awareness of problems they don't know they have

  2. a tool to help them rethink their goals/strategy/roadmap to function in better service of the culture they’re working so hard to improve

  3. a tool to identify a million and one small improvements they can make to their cultures without expending much political or financial capital

We’re currently building partnerships and a few advisory circles that will make this as impactful as it should be. If you’re interested in getting involved, either as an individual or an organization, reach out below!

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