Our values define what we do and how we do it.

They also tell the story of how a guy running hackathons began helping drive innovation in the nonprofit world and purpose in the business world.

+ Skepticism

Changing the world starts with skepticism, which shows us that we've inherited and absorbed beliefs and perspectives we would never accept if we hadn't already bought into them. And so we realize that the only way to find truth is to surround ourselves with people who inherited and absorbed different beliefs and perspectives.

+ Diversity

Upon surrounding ourselves with a beautiful assortment of people who've lived different lives and inherited different perspectives, we can begin to see what we look like underneath the residue of other people's ideas. Understanding others helps us unlock sides of ourselves that can only be seen from other angles.

+ Self-awareness

Once our identity is freed of the accidental constraints imposed by ethno- and ego-centrism, we gain awareness of who we truly are and which sides of ourselves are merely products of our environment. We can question not only who we are, but WHY we are and what that means for the way we live our lives.

+ Purpose

Without knowing our purpose, we rely on luck to grant us fulfilling lives and surround us with people that will make us the best versions of ourselves. Grasping our WHY empowers us to strategically and ruthlessly pursue our purpose, and with it, find the people who share our purpose and belong in our lives.

+ Community

The strategic pursuit of purpose requires that we identify, connect with, and enlist the help of people pursuing the same purpose. These are the people who transform us into the best version of ourselves. These are the people we need to help us change the world. Chasing purpose is building community.



In the timeless words of Mr. Miyagi, "If do right, no can defend." If we approach the world skeptically, we'll seek diversity. Diversity grants us self-awareness, which gives us purpose. Chasing purpose builds community, and a purpose-driven community behind us is all we need to change the world. With these values, innovation is inevitable.