The world is in crisis. This is our response.

We challenge teams from great companies to solve complex problems in support of a social cause. And then we translate their work into value for the causes we support. Our nonprofit partners walk away better equipped to do good work. Our for-profit partners get more purpose in their work and stronger communities in their organization.
We do this because there while have never been more resources at everyone's disposal to solve society's biggest problems, the results haven't been as profound as they should be.
Community is breaking down. People don't trust each other or any of the institutions that society relies on--especially in the US. Distrust wastes resources, and we find ourselves in a distrustful world. That's where we come in.

Hack Summits are based on a new approach.

Our workshops focus on making it easy for people and organizations to impact a cause they care about. We don't simply provide opportunities, we make the feeling of shared purpose and social impact inevitable for all who participate. We understand that time is your greatest asset, and so we design our workshops to take as little time as possible in pursuit of real impact.

We exist at the intersection of 3 problems:

I. The world isn't improving as quickly as it can.

Important social causes aren't receiving the support they need, and the nonprofit organizations trying to help often don't have the resources or skills to do so.

II. The workplace has been commoditized.

Companies are having trouble engaging their people in authentic ways that build real relationships between workforce and workplace. Without trust, people don't feel engaged and are happy to leave.

III. People have needs that aren't being met at work.

People don't have enough purpose in life. Most opportunities they're given at work aren't as meaningful as they'd like, leaving them with the sentiment that work is an obstacle on their quest for self-actualization.